uArm Client Does Not Work

Just got my uArm metal V3, and nothing software-side works. Driver doesn’t exist on website for Mac OSX, and uArm client won’t open in windows 10 or OSX.

So far, very disappointed.

The client seems to execute briefly, but no GUI appears nor does the program appear in task manager programs or processes. Apparently there is a fatal error in the program and frankly that is just unacceptable.

Am I missing something here? Anyone else having the issue?

have you got any news? is your arm the latest version with the non-arduino board, like this one? Questions and problems re: New uArm Metal at MakerFaire - #11 by clinzy

Hi Erik,

So sorry for the troubles you encountered :frowning:

about driver:
ONLY windows users need to install driver, and that’s why you can’t find driver for Mac OSX.
Sorry for not stating it clearly in the website.
The new getting started guide will come out next week.

I’ve already furthered the software problem to our engineer, and will get back to you ASAP!
Feel free to contact me anytime.


Hi @Erik_Gordon_Olson, We tested it in Windows 10(32 bit & 64bit) and OS X 10.11. uArm Client is built by Processing. You need to download JRE environment. Please let me know your windows 10 version, 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi Boblio, yours is uServo uArm. It is different from uArm Metal.


Yes it is a uArm Metal V3, with that board.

I am having the same problem as Erik. I am working in Windows 10 and have downloaded the driver, the uClient, and the latest firmware. When I open it, the uClient window opens very briefly, for maybe half a second, and then disappears. Regarding Alex’s post from above, I already have a JRE installed on my computer (ver 8u91 from the Oracle website). I’m not sure what my next steps are with this. Do any of the uFactory team have advice for me? Thanks.

What the hell does this even mean?

So… guess we all have bricked arms that are now $500 paper weights?

Im the same. Got a UARM metal. Installed drivers, firmware but when its time to load the client (64 bit) it loads up for 0.25 secs and disappears. Can you sort this out??

Hi Tim,

Please try the 32bit one.
(the 32-bit uClient can also work for a 64-bit computer)
Sorry for the confusion caused by the naming of the files.


Thanks for that Cleo. I tried the 32 bit and something is working. Ive made a video showing you what is happening. Could you have a look at it. I can download the video to dropbox if you cant see the Youtube video. Whatever you need.

Thank you for your assistance. Appreciated…Tim

Hi Tim,

Please calibrate your uArm again according to our latest instructions here:

  1. Finish the uArm Command Line Installations.
  2. Calibrate the uArm via commandline.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Hi Cleo,

I’m having problems installing the CLI tools for MacOSX (10.12.6), with my uArm metal (latest version from Sparkfun).

The link you gave above is broken:

The MacOSX download / setup is also a broken link:

I am ultimately just trying to interface with it using a Python library on MacOSX, but I’m getting caught up in the initial steps of getting a CLI tool up & running.

Hi @Nick_Jonas

Please use “uArm Assistant” (downloadable on our website:
to flash firmware or re-calibrate.

Here is a brief introduction of uArm Assistant:

CLI tools have been abandoned. That’s why the links are broken. Sorry for not archiving the out-dated info.