3D print stops working

uArm Serial No.: D43639DF76AF

Firmware Version: 3.1.16

Operation System: Win10

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio v1.1.13-p4 / CuraForuArm v1.0.4

uArm stops working when at 2.03%. It was working on the final layer of the adhesion platform before starting the print. Logs show a disconnect followed by an error in python Tornado. This is the second try already to see if i did something wrong but i cant say now that i am doing something wrong. See logs included.

Does any one have a possible solution?

uArmCore log

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Hi @christian.hilbrands

Please enter Feedback Form → choose Software Problem → CuraForuArm

Upload both Studio log files(the whole log folder, not only the uarmcore log) and CuraForuArm log files Thanks!

I’ll follow up once i received the logs. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi @Cleo,

I have submitted the form.

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Thanks for the log. I’m following up.

Hi @christian.hilbrands

The 3D printing problem is the problem of the power adapter. Please PM Tony to get a new one. Sorry for the trouble.