3D Printing Software Issues

I was quite impressed when I started working with the 3D Printing head over the last week. However, the CuraForUarm software seems mediocre/poor.

  • There are no manual printer controls
  • Prints can’t be paused and restarted
  • The temperature settings from Cura are ignored and the hotend always uses 200C for its temp
  • Feedback during the print is anemic.
  • No way to import G-Code from other slicing engines
  • No G-Code console to either execute arbitrary commands or view what commands are being executed
  • No ability to send G-Code to the uArm from other programs.

First question: Are there existing ways to fix any of the above? IOW, are some of the above possible, but I haven’t discovered how to do them? Are any of them already in the developement pipeline?

Second Question: I’d like to play around with improving the 3D printer’s control software. Is there a documented API for interacting with the uArm as a 3D printer? Is the source code for the current CuraForUArm available somewhere? If not, is there any source code/documentation for a non-uArm client to interact with a uArm?

the uArmSwift pro Firmware is based on the Marlin 3D printer software.
So “most” of the documentation available for this should also apply to the uArm.
Main thing is that you have to activate the 3D mode with a G-code command.
You can find the specific G-codes in the developers guide
other than that standard G-codes used for all 3D printers “should” work reference Here G-code - RepRap

However I currently have no idea why repetier is unable to detect the uArm printer, so probably something is still missing…


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