5V Out line on uArm Swift?

I would like to plug RaspiZero with camera into my uArm Swift.
is there a 5V external source on uArm Swift somewhere I could plug this board into ? What the output voltage from the Grove Port ?
It’s not going to draw much power and I’d like to not have to strap a battery onto my arm for powering the PiZero if that’s possible.


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Please refer to the quick start guide,page 5,you can find the image shows the extension port is 5V.
Here is the link to the quick start guide: http://download.ufactory.cc/docs/en/Swift-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf

One additional question (uArm Pro). What is the maximum current which may be drawn from the 5V pin ? The highest value I found in the developers guide is 300mA (Gripper).

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Hi Thorsten,
The maximum current is 100mA.