Abort or cancel current gcode movement

Hi there, is it possible to cancel or abort the current set gcdoe movement thats in progress?

I am needing it for when the end effector switch gives off a signal it is pressed, I have noticed you cannot send it commands while a movement is in progress but it can give switch feedback while said movement is in progress.

If this is isn’t possible is it possible to add? We have spent a fair chunk of money on this robot arm and would like to be able to stop on command when needed as it adds more use/value to the arm for automatically moving to objects after finding an x and y coordinate but unknown z coordinates.

It impossible on uArm Swift Pro, we we could considerate this on the development of next version of uArm. Thanks

Well Iv got it working now…

Oh, OK.

Did you want me to share the method that I did it with? I ended up editing the files the firmware compiles from by adding new functions and editing existing ones to make it work.

Of couse we want, could you share it on Github?