Accuracy problem with Lite 6

Hello Community,
We are using an XArm Lite 6 that picks up parts from a tray and places them in a test station. The first 25 parts still work quite well. The more parts are tested, the less accurately the part to be tested is inserted into the test station. At some point, the deviation in the Y-axis is more than 2 mm. What is the reason for this?
The travel distance per part is approx. 600 mm in the X-axis and 400 mm in the Y-axis (maximum values).
Greeting, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Please shoot a video to show us your application. What is the SN of your arm?
We used a new absolute calibration method from the end of last year, which increased the absolute accuracy to 1-3mm.

What is your need for accuracy?

Best regards,