Add additional stepper motor

Can you add an additional stepper motor for ancillary functions?

If so how do you integrate this hardware?
And will it work with blockly?

I attached a photo of the stepper motor I’m trying to integrate. I want to use this stepper motor to open a hinge at the correct moment and instead trying to time it perfectly it would be great to have it integrated with the uarm platform.

Hello, we don’t have any research in this area at present, but we have a customer before, he has done similar development, you can refer to their project, please refer to the following link(, which has their contact information, you can contact them and learn from their methods.

Thanks Jane:

Is there any other examples of this the link you provided is no longer available?


Here’s an idea:

  1. connect your motor to an arduino board with appropriate driver hardware

  2. write a simple program on the arduino that checks any two I/O lines. One line will mean
    “open” and the other will mean “close”. When the program sees “open”
    is high, it turns the stepper motor one way. When the program sees “close”
    is high, it turns it the other way.

  3. connect two I/O output lines of robot to the arduino lines you picked (I think you
    will need a voltage divider or something to convert robot voltages
    to arduino voltages - I think the robot uses 24V and arduino uses 5V).

  4. in your blockly program you can control those l/O output lines using one
    of the functions there, I forget the name of the function but I’ve used it so I know it’s there.

Hope this helps,


Hi,sorry for that,please check this link again:

I have this extension board (see attachment). Can you directly connect the stepper motor to the 4 pins you see in the middle? Perhaps the uarm code would reference the stepper motor as a variable for control. Please advise.


I’m sorry to reply to you so late. Do you want to ask the type of the added motor? The picture you sent doesn’t show up here. Please send it again.Thanks.