Alternative Power Supply?

Is there an alternative power supply I could buy to use with the uArm Metal as the one that comes with it keeps getting unplugged during movement? Preferably a UK power supply.

Also the robot moves like crazy when a connection is made in Python. Is there any resolution to this?

Hi chimerical,

uArm Metal is using power supply of DC 5V and the rated current should be greater than 3A, or the servos may get damaged.

About the problem with Python, please describe your problem in detailed (including firmware version, pyuarm version, etc.) to

This would help us figure out the problem quickly, thanks. And sorry for the troubles.

hi there, do you mean that the servos may get burned if the current is lower than 3A?

Servos may get damaged.

We strongly recommend all users to use the official power supply.

Hmm, i would like to try powering the uarm with a battery. But I thought servos may get damaged if the current is too high and not the other way?

oh yes haha
sorry for the confusion.