Any uArm+Unity3D projects?

Hi! I’m looking for examples/projects using the uArm with Unity3D. Have this been done somewhere? I can’t find any examples on the Internet.

Regards / Jimmy Alenius

you can download the tutorial about the uarm from the following link:

Hi, and thanks for the tips! But I can’t find any information how to set up uArm with Unity3D on that page. Where is it?

Regards / Jimmy Alenius

You can refer to pages 17 to 21 of the user manual by following this link:

Hi! I mybe missing something here, but thats about 3d printing. What I search information about is how to make a connection between uArm and Unity3D. The later is a major game engine used for real time visualisations and VR ( I can’t find any information about that in the manual.

Regards / Jimmy

Hi, Jimmy Alenius
I’m sorry, we don’t have an examples using the uArm with Unity3D .

Hi Jimmi! In the end, did you manage to unite xarms with unity?