Blockly programs won't transfer to iPhone

Blockly programs won’t upload or download from my mac to my iPhone. Using uArm studio and uArm Play app with the same account, but it won’t upload and i can’t find any of my programs on my phone.

Hi Amund,

What happened when you clicked the “cloud” button?

Could you provide more details via filling this form:
such as the content of your blockly projects, any pop-up window, and your account email, thanks.

Sorry for the trouble.

Hi Amund,

We already fixed this problem and a new version (1.0.4) will be published today.


same problem here - windows 10 - blockly will not upload apps I created in the uArm studio to the cloud and therefore I can’t use them in my iPhone.

uArm Studio is supposed to be upload the project automatically when you “save” a project in Studio.

When you create and save a project, did you see a “upload x project” pop up at the up right corner of the interface?

I can see the pop up but it says “upload 0 project”.

Sorry for the late reply.

Do you mean that:
when you modify the project (“edited”) and click 'save", you see the pop up of “upload 0 project”?

It may be a case of failed upload because of weak Internet connection.
please try for several times (both the upload and the download on uArmPlay)

I have tried serveras times and the internet connection is very good.