Blue light for USB is not on connection problem

This is probably a hardware problem, but the blue light for the USB connection does not come on (and the switch is up for USB). It has been sitting idle for a while, the last time I used it it was working.
The arm is limp, no moters are activated.

When I press the on/off button, after a pair seconds, it beeps.
No blue light for USB and on/off light is red.
The wierd part is that the studio says it is connected, but nothing works (the arm does not respond, it is limp).

Pressing the record button, the green light comes on, but does not record any movements (play the light flashes).

The firmware is 3.2.0… Didn’t really want to upgrade to 4.2.0, because I wanted to 3d print.
The firmware update software also doesn’t connect.

Any hints?

Edward S. Blurock

From settings:
Device SwiftPro
Port Number /dev/cu.usbmodem14201
Firmware Version 3.2.0
Serial Number 508CB1675F67
Studio Information
Studio Version 1.1.18
Studio Channel prod
OS darwin x64 18.5.0
uArmCore Version 1.0.1
Studio Language en

how about shoot a video and post here?

Thanks for the quick reply (glad to know that one can actively ask questions)

Sorry… The hardware error was in my brain… The power plug wasn’t turned on…
What fooled me was that the power light on the uarm was on… but that was just powered by the USB…

Sorry for the mess…

Did you check the power connection? Was the motor locked when you plug in the power? How about remove the USB and then plug in the power and chech whether the motor was locked?