Breakout Pins for OpenMV

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-XXXXXXXXXX”)

Firmware Version: Latest as of 13/08/2017

Operation System: Win10

uArm Controlling Method: Arduino/Python


I have an issue, not with per-se, but the jumper connections to the breakout connector on the uArm itself. I connect the breakout connector to the 30-pin port and make sure it is aligned correctly as per the quick start, but when i hook up the jumper pins from the openMV to the breakout, it doesn’t power on.

If however I connect the jumpers to the right most pins (+5v, GND) without the breakout, the openMV powers on. I cant seem to find the correct pins for the Tx etc. in that configuration though.

I have tested the breakout female 30-pin connector and the 26 front pins for continuity and there doesn’t seem to be many connections between the female 30-pin and the 26-pin male end. possibly my breakout board has bad connections?

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Could you please show us the picture of connection? BTW, 30pin and 26pin are not pin-to-pin connection.

Hi, Thanks for looking into this for me

I attach some pictures. I have aligned the 30-pin males perfectly with the 30-pin female on the breakout board. I attach some pictures that i hope demonstrate this.

To test, I assume that the right most pins on the uArm are +5v and GND and when i hook the breakout up the right most pins ate +5v and GND but there is no connection between these.

Here is the schematic of the board you could have a look. If the connection is bad let us know, will send you the new one.