Broken usb-connection and nobody from support does answer

I just received my UArm metal with a (physically) broken usb-port. It seems that the pinches of the usb port were too short and the solder joint was not strong enough for common operation. Therefore

I filled the form to reach the support: Nobody answered!
I sent an email to Nobody answered!

How do I get my broken parts replaced?


uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-03091601A8”)

Firmware Version:

Operation System: Win 7

uArm Controlling Method: -

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I also have a hardware probleme with my uarm, filled the form to reach the support, send a mail but I don’t have any answer …
I’m surprised because ufactory is normally very close to the uarm community …
I really hope that we will get an answer as soon as possible …

Hi Onetchou and Simon,

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve reminded my colleague in the aftersales team to respond.

Let me know if there’s still no response within two days.


Hi Cleo,
I still have no response from the aftersales team :sweat:

Hi Onetchou and Simon,

My colleague has to be out of office these days. Sorry for the delay.
Your requests are under processing now.

I’ll continue to follow up on Monday.


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Hi Cleo,
I still wait a response from the customer service … :disappointed:
I can’t wait another week … When could I be helped ?

Thanks for helping