Calibration? Elbow joint crash

uArm Serial No.: UARM05051704FF

Firmware Version: 3.1.9

Operation System: Mac

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio 1.1.13-c8

I really like my uArm, other than the fact that the “mickey-mouse” plastic bit in the elbow keeps crashing into the stop. This makes it unusable for most things…

See pic:

It feels to me like this is a mis-calibration issue – I tried getting the values by placing the head on the ABC points, but it is a bit tricky to know exactly where we are measuring from.

Anyway, I got:
A: 164.31 -3.27 -54.04
B: 194.87-2.39 - 47.75
C 273.85 -4.2 -46.46

This means that, when e.g using the laser it draws most things well, but when tries to move closer to the base it crashes, and then doesn’t draw the bottom part. I drew a star and circle (with the center near point B) and it draws the furthest parts well, but when moving closer to the base (but still a significant distance (> 1" ) from A) it crashes, and then truncates the image. Apologies for so many engravings over the same place!

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Hi @wkumari

here is the guide for manual calibration:
Please try and see if it works.

Did you try to put the things between point B and C, that’s the best place for the laser engraving. While if you put it between A and B, some parts of the things won’t be done since the arm with laser can not reach. Thanks, please try to reposition it first.

… and I finally had a chance to go this (the manual calibration) and it seems to have made things much better.


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