Calling up all uarm fans


As you said you were using a different robot arm,i guess that’s why you failed to do calibration,since those 2 kinds of uArm have different servos and structure even though they may look almost same :slight_smile:

uArm Team

Hi,where can I check the winner list?

Hi ,

You can directly check our Facebook (@Ufactory2013) or official website ( ,thanks for your concern !


We are excited to tell you that your idea has been accepted by most of us , and we choose you as one of the 20 units of uArm receivers,please send us your shipping address and phone number via email (To once you see the message ,the uArm can be shipped within a month,thanks again for sharing your ideas with us !

I’m not the lucky one, it seems that I have to use my DIY arm to build teaching plan.It’s so regret! :cry:

We will have many activities in the future :slight_smile: