Cannot change any settings in Cura for uArm Swift Pro 3D printer

uArm Serial No.: UARM-05051700F9

Firmware Version: 3.1.2

Operation System: Linux

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio and Cura for uArm


I am trying to 3D print with my uArm Swift Pro and am running into some issues. When I open Cura for uArm, select the default “uarmswiftpro” machine and “uarmswiftpro” profile, it won’t let me adjust any of the settings. The initial layer height is too high (0.6mm!), I cannot select any support, and so on. It will let me type the values that I want but when I press “enter” or click on a new box, the value switches back to the default setting. How can I adjust my settings in Cura?

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Same issues here, i need to be able to change the settings for my 3d printings. The defaults configuration settings simply do not work for me.

New version of CuraForuArm(v1.0.2) is now available on our website.
This version fixes the setting-modification problem.

where is the download? I only see 1.0.0 in the download section.

It’s on our official download page. You can’t see it may be because of the web browser cache. Please clear history of your web browser or open the website with a different browser.


I tried clearing my browser. There is nothing currently on the download page.


Here is the temporary download page:
Our website is transferring to another server and the download page is currently unavailable.

We’ll keep you informed when the page is ready.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of Cura and it will let me change the settings in the menu, but it doesn’t seem to apply them when I print. Is it factory preset to only go to 200 degrees and use PLA as a printing material? I’ve set the tem to 220 and printing material to ABS, but the monitor has max temp at 200 and only ever displays PLA as the material. is this an oversight or do you have to do something to apply the settings?

Hi Detillio,
uArm Swift Pro can only use PLA as material. And the target temp is set, too.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is there any plan to allow the temperature to be configurable? I am having issues extruding at 200*.

Hi @adam2017

We’re considering adding this feature. But we need to test it completely to ensure the temperature adjustment won’t affect the effect of 3D printing.