Cannot install CuraForuArm on Mac, image data corrupted

Operation System: Mac 10.12.6

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio/CuraForuArm

Hello, I can download and work with the uArm Studio. Only If i download the CuraForuArm application 1.0.4 from the website. When I open the dmg file, i get an error: The following disk images couldn’t be opened.
CuraForuArm-prod-1.0.4.dmg - Image data corrupted.

I tried with another Mac laptop, and I have the same problem. How can I make it work?

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Hi @oversight

How big(MB) is the CuraForuArm file?
It’s possible that the software is not downloaded completely.

The download is 51.8MB. I downloaded from multiple computers, and multiple browsers, all with the same problem. If I download the older 1.0.3 version, that one I am able to install. But how can I get the 1.0.4 version?

Same issue.
File Size: 51817827
MD5 (CuraForuArm-prod-1.0.4.dmg) = 09a4f3353fe06837f7e070578ccf1d0b