Can't communicate with Uarm Swift Pro

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-0505170281”)

Firmware Version: 3.5(?)

Operation System: Linux 64

uArm Controlling Method: UCS/Arduino

I was trying to control my Uarm Swift pro with Arduino, - it threw error messages and now I can not communicate with my Uarm anymore ( the blue light is now permanently on)

Uarm Studio desn’t connect anymore and learning mode doesn’t work either.

It seems that it by default now wants to communicate with Bluetooth ?

Is there any chance to hard reset the arm or install the original firmware ?

Please help I’m completely helpless.


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Hi Peter,

Which Arduino library did you use?
It seems that you’ve flashed the wrong firmware.

Yes you are right,
I flashed - by mistake with Uarm swift for Arduino - not Uarm swift pro for Arduino.
Yesterday evening we got it sorted.

There were a number of warnings due to depreciation that I misinterpreted and after flashing with the Marlin Firmware Everything was fine again.

Sorry for my Misunderstanding but I got confused by the different versions and my understanding that Marlin was that it might be only for the 3D printing.

So all sorted Thanks for your support anyway.


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hey how was the problem sorted out
having the exact issue

I have the same problem. Did anybody explain how to fix this? Otherwise, my Swift Pro just sits there looking at me.

in my case as i was using mac

thought of trying with a windows pc and in the first try in flashed arduino and all was ok

I’ve always used PC. Flash Arduino. Now there’s something I do everyday. That tells me nothing. My Arduino IDE can’t even talk to this thing. Can’t anybody in this company or community help me. My Swift Pro is DEAD. And nobody cares. Some kickstarter this turned out to be.

Hi @NorthernPike

“My Arduino IDE can’t even talk to this thing.”
Does it mean that your IDE fail to recognise Arduino Mega 2560 (the board of Swift Pro) ?

No Cleo, it see’s the mega 2560 on COM5. It just won’t talk to it. By the way. Is this Arduino library really the one to use when working with a Pro version of the Swift. I know there is a Swift Pro for Arduino link and I went there to githib and downloaded it yet the Arduino IDE said it didn’t recognize any library. So who knows. Another dead-end path I went down.

Hi Pike, I’ll follow up for the problems you have on this thread:

Same here…downloaded the Swift Pro Library but it cant be added into Arduino IDE…
Hope some1 can answer this.