Can't Find UArm Mobile App in google Play Store

Hi, I just recieve my Uarm Swift Pro and want to test with the Uarm Play for Android but i’m unable to find the app in the Play Store.
Can you please tell me how i get it?

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Android version is still under testing. We would release the IOS version soon. Thanks

Any word on a release date for the Android version? One of the main reasons i was excited about the uarm was the ability to control it from my phone.

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interested in the android app too. any news on the release date?

kindly keep us updated with the latest news especially related to the android.

Hi, you could downlaod the Android uArm Play APP here:

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yes we can get it for windows but not for google play store. why is it occuringg? any specific reason?

The Android version is pending updates. You can refer to other Android apps:

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