Can't update firmware

uArm Serial No.: US101017100199

Firmware Version: 2.3.6

Operation System: Win7

I can’t update firmware 2.3.6 to any version in this site.

I can’t open port in Xloader. With firmawareflashtool. It goes time out.

I think there is no problem with com port communcation. because it connects with uArmstudio

Please advise me…

It show update available

but can’t update (this shows it can control uArm)

with Xloader … it can’t open com port

with Firmware Flash (Time out)
004 (2)

Last picture is when com port is connected with bluetooth usb(It show firmware update available but show 0% forever)

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio

Official Store
uArm User Facebook Group


Hi, your product is uArm Swift not uArm Swift Pro, please download the uArm Studio for uArm Swift here:

Thanks for the reply
But How can I update my firmaware to v3.2 or later . There is no firmware list in the link you gave.
My firmware is v2.3.6 and I can’t update it with uArm studio.

Hi,firmware 3.2.0 is for uArm Swift Pro, your product is uArm Swift, and you download the wrong uArm Studio, you have to download the uArm Studio by the link I sent to you. Thanks

That is why I asked you again. There is no firmware for uArm Swift in your link.

Hi, the uArm Swift no need to update the firmware.

I can’t use bluetooth control (I can connect with bluetooth)
I can’t use android control.(I can connect with bluetooth)

I was supposing all this problem was because of firmware.
If I don’t need to update it to new firmware. what this problems were from?

Could you find the Bluetooth of uArm on the Bluetooth list of your andriod device?
If no, please check how to enable the bluetooth on page 11 this doc:
If you could find the uArm bluetooth on the on the Bluetooth list of your andriod device, before you connect the uArm, you have to enable the GPS(location service) of your phone and allow the uArm Play App to use Bluetooth and Location service. Or if you have an iOS device, it will be easy, just connect the bluetooth on your iPhone.

If the trouble shootings above dose not work, please shoot a video our provide some images/screenshoots to let us know what happened.


I tried a lot before taking the movie today. Strangely It works today while taking a movie.
Sorry and thanks for your reply.

That’s great, you are welcome.