Conot get basic movement of the arm

I just receive the UArm and connect to ma Mac but can not get any moment. Look like I found the correct port and select connect on the setting window but the arm does not recognise any other functions from the user interface.

Hi, may I know what operating system you are using? (win/mac/linux)
Please make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest driver & updated the firmware. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem.
Mac OS and I have downloaded the latest driver and updated firmware. Still it will not move when using the uArm Client, even though the light blinks when i manipulate the uArm Client.

Hi Joelpnellis and aw2604,

Please email the problems you encounted WITH the serial number of your uArm (the serial no. is at the bottom of uArm) to

We’ll reply ASAP!

Sorry for your troubles.