Control uarm with other I/O Board


I’m trying to control the uarm swift pro with my own I/O Board (in this case the siemens iot2040). Maybe this is a special problem. But please can you give me some general instructions, how to do this, lets say with an other arduino mega?

cheers, Roland

If it’s compatible with Arduino mega, it will be easier to do the communication. Just following the OpenMV instruction in quick start guide and use the uart to send the command. Also you could find more information of Gcode, in our quick start guide. THANKS

So it’s not intended, to control the uarm with a other microcontroller. We have to use the built-in arduino mega.
I’m working for a school for technicians. My aim was to use the siemens iot2040 to do all the calculations for the movements. The iot2040 is 99% compatible to arduino. But it’s on industrial level.

So you want to do the inverse kinematics in your board, the mega inside only do the motor control function. Right? If so, maybe you need the G2202 command which is designed for the angle control and you could do all the calculation in your board. And we just release the developer guide which might help you to hack the arm. Thanks