Controlling UARM from ROS

I’m interested in controliing a UARM from ROS. I just got a UARM Metal, and it works fine with the Windows demo program. I understand the one-way serial protocol and how it works.

Is there a better Arduino program for talking to the robot over USB? One that communicates in both directions, sends back joint position info (the Arduino gets this from analog ports), and can handle messages at full speed without errors.

It is currently under development and soon should be able to store and record to your pc

I am also trying to create a rosserial connection to my UARM.
I already created a urdf.
However I am struggling with using both, the UF_API and rosserial.
It seems like either rosserial is not working correctly with the arduino uno, or there is some strange issue with the libraries.
If you want to have a look at the currently not working code at github
I won’t have too much time, so help is much appreciated!

I’ve written some very basic ROS code to control the uArm. This works with the uArm’s CPU running the “Standard” program. See

This is something ROS users can use to get going until a better interface is released.

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Nice nagle! These days we spent our time on the development for visual studio and processing. You can check out our new website and give some advice.