Controlling uArm slider with python?

uArm swift pro
Firmware Version: 3.2.0

Operation System: Win(10)

uArm Controlling Method: /Arduino/Python

Hi , I have uArm SwiftPro and uArm slider. Because of the fact that I have to use slider stepper motor with uArm coordinately from the same arduino, I have to control uArm from UART2 and I connected slider motor to Arduino directly with LV8729 driver.
What I realize that, the speed of uArm is much much faster if I control it from usb with Python rather than controlling it with arduino UART2.(G0 X250 Y0 Z30 F2000000) I couldnt reach the same speed when I control uArm with UART2 with gcode. (with Firmware 3.2) The only reason that I use Arduino is because I cannot use slider stepper motor with python.

Is there any way to control uArm as fa_emphasized text_st as python SDK? (with Firmware 4.2)

Is there any way to control both uArm and slider motor with python SDK?

The firmware 4.3.2 or later provide a feature that detect the 2_uart/usb port automatically, it will let you use 2_uart and fast speed at same time, how about have a try?