Coordinate system


I have searched several of the online documents, but I can’t find a description of the coordinate system used by the SwiftPro.

I am using the C++ API (uArm-SDK), and trying to understand how the values I enter into the set_position() function are translated into the position that the arm ends up at, but frankly I don’t see any relationship.

Any help appreciated.


I think there is a coordinate system in the user/developer guide. The units are in ~mm.

Ideally, it should be perfect cartesian system but in practice, I don’t think it is the case or at least how cartesian it is depends on the location. I made the uArm going in a rectangle with set_position and I didn’t moved in the perfect rectangle. Anyway, with a little calculation, it could be calibrated (with some sample coordinates) to be cartesian in the area of interest.

Yes, there is a coordinate system in the developer guide, please read it.