Current coordinates different from requested coordinates

My UArm Swift pro is not moving to the locations that I am requesting. It’s very close, but clearly outside of the repeatability specifications.

I send the following command to move the robot ‘G0 X97.1 Y119.9 Z70.0 F20’ and get back an ‘ok’

The robot moves smoothly without issue and arrives close to the reference location I have, on my workbench.

However, I noticed that it is off by a few millimeters in both the X and Y direction. I request the coordinates through command ‘P2220’ and receive this feedback
‘ok X94.7914 Y117.3272 Z68.9898’

As you can see, the error is significant.
x_error = 97.1 - 94.8 = 2.3mm
y_error = 119.9 - 117.3 - 2.6mm

That is significantly higher than quoted in the specifications.

Can you please provide some advice on how I should proceed?

Firmware Version: V4.3.2

Operation System: Win 10

uArm Controlling Method: Serial Command through MATLAB

Did you calibrated it? If not, please calibrate it and try again.(

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I calibrated it a couple times.

  1. Does the uarm use internal feedback or our the positions open loop?
  2. What is the distance from the front of the robot to Point B for the calibration? I am 3D printing calibration tool ensure exact calibrations.

Hi Ryan, did you try the firwmare 3.2.0? If not, please try to downgrade to firmware 3.2.0 and try agian.
If that could not solve the issue, please copy the link and contact to get RMA suppor. Thanks

– Dear Daniel

We have been commissioned to develop a project where the uArm Swift Pro seems to be a very viable solution, in order to fulfill all the features that our client has asked us
it is necessary to obtain the Robot´s coordinates or position values, these data will be used for own software to build 3D animations and syncronize the Robot moves to other events,

My question:
Is it possible to run a Python Scritp running parallel to uArmsStudio?
for example:

uArmStudio manages the routines, positioning commands of the robotic arm
-Python Gets the position with the available methods
-uArmStudio and Python are running at the same time.

-Is there a way to send the positioning data by integrating into the uArmStudio some Network Methods like TCP?

Thank you very much for your help and I will very gratfull for your response
Best regards

Edgar Martínez

Hi, the uArm Studio and Python can runing at same time but not should on same uArm. I recommend you use Python SDK only based on your project.