Data for 3D print head?


I was wondering if theres more data about the print head, is it an E3Dv6? What is the nozzle diameter? What is the maximum temperature?

Thanks for any info,
Normen Hansen

Hi @normen
You can find technical data sheet on the intro page:

You did realize I asked about the 3D print head and not about the arm itself? There is no info about the 3D print head on that page or on the datasheet download on that page. The only info about 3d printing in the datasheet are about the arm, i.e. build size and accuracy, not things like nozzle diameter and temperatures.

So please, can anyone tell me what 3D print head this is and what its specifications are?

Thank you,
Normen Hansen

Yeah it’s E3D v6, diameter 0.4mm, max temperature 270℃. Currently, we fix the temp around 200 ℃. Thanks

Thank you very much!