Dial numbers using Uarm swift pro and OpenMV

I have a Uram swift Pro and also OPenMV. Everything works fine. I’d like to use Uarm to dial numbers on a KeyPad that is on a flat surface. I also have a OpenMV attached to the Uarm. Is this possible? Are there any open source program that can do this?

If you fix the arm with your telephone, and fix the moving path of dialing each numbers it might work. Would love to see your demo and feel free to ask any things about it. Thanks

So far I got it working using the coordinates. But if I either move the arm’s location or the phone’s pad location the coordinates based tap won’t work. So I was wondering if there is a way to recognize the characters on the phone’s pad using openMV and tap them using UArm.

It’s a little bit hard to say. Since the computer vision is strongly affected by the ambient light. Although it’s a good way to replace the fixed coordinates, while there are more other challenge on it. If it’s possible to fix the ambient light and make the dial number clear enough to be recognized for the camera, it would work. Later we would also release some new demo for openMV which might give you some help. Thanks