Direct control of motors (no Marlin)

Firmware Version: 3.1.4

Hallo is there any implementation of a direct way of controlling the arm? I mean controlling the position directly without using the buffering and overhead of Marlin firmware. Ideally I would like to be able to send constant commands to move the arm to absolute positions in real time.

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Its an Arduino MEGA with stepper controllers connected, just look into the Marlin configuration to find out the pins and flash the MEGA with your own software that controls the steppers directly via the Arduino library.

Edit: Note you’ll redo a lot of work that Marlin has already done. I wouldn’t go that route and instead configure Marlin for best responsiveness.

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Hi normen, I have already did this for a 3d printer where I needed this functionality, but I find it a bit more daunting on the uArm because of the differente geometry, that’s why I was wondering if there was something out there already coded.

There sure is. Theres lots of libraries for this kind of arm out there on github, like this one: GitHub - yorkhackspace/meArm: Inverse kinematics control library for Phenoptix meArm