Discussion of new uArm's control board. Poppy calls for your help

Hi, we are thinking about to have a new control board for uArm or not. The case is the board we use right now is Arduino-uno, however the performance and internal storage are quite weak now, so our users have to use an extension board to control it. What’s more, we want to build ROS or some other platform, that can’t be integrated with the board right now. So we are thinking about to change or upgrade this board.

We has another concern get ready to cooperate with some great companies like Seeed, so we might get confused that which is the main control system.

How do you think, and any idea?


Hi Poppy,

a new board would be perfect. I am working an a C-Lib for the Robot, because I do not like ROS that much. I wrote a lib on another board with a C-Library. I would like to have a C-Lib working directly on the robot controller board.

all the best


Hi Poppy!

I’ve loaded uArm’s firmware, along with Pixy camera’s library and my own fairly large application logic for filtering and processing camera data and manipulating the arm all onto uArm at once for autonomous operation without a connected computer. Ram is a little tight, but processing speed is just fine. I do not think RAM/performance are huge problems.

The things that I find I need the most are: 1) More I/O to uArn and 2) More accurate servos.
(I know that the serial is available for I/O, but this makes debugging hardware integration very difficult.)

If you are thinking of changing the board, how about a simple migration to an Arduino Mega-type? That would give us 4x the flash and 4x the SRAM, plus a lot of extra I/O pins and serial ports! :smile:

I am not a user of ROS and that seems like a big step for this small arm. I think there can be many many things done with uArm and giving it just a bit more memory and I/O might unlock those abilities without creating too much change.

Thanks for letting us give our thoughts, Poppy! All the best to the team there,


Hi Afeldman, we are building communication protocol for uArm. We will provide the C Library after the new protocol release.

Hi Dave, nice to talk with you in our forum :). We are thinking about to make a standard in the desk-top robotic arm fields, as we are the first open source arm. In the future, we will make some complicated, stronger and more fun products, Arduino might be not so suitable. Thanks for your advise and I do feel appreciated for the suggestions you give to me in the email. I read that many times and hope to do my best!