Downloading resources

Hi there…

Question… are you really maintaining the downloads section ( ? If so, the server where these downloadable files are kept… do you switch it off at nights ??

Because it is extremely slooooow to download anything from there, if downloadable at all… some of the documents report a network error when a download is attempted on them…

In fact… it is so slow that the uArmStudio software update from within the uArmStudio itself does not work… as it has to wait so long that 0 bytes are downloaded and a message of bad package is shown.

How about offer the studio package in the google drive to make it faster?

Right now, that would be a huge improvement in download speed and doc accessibility…

Please go to
for the software and docs.

Sorry for the trouble.

Hi @Cleo… now it is a perfect solution !! Thanks for the quick answer to the problem.

Will you use this driver for future deployments of new updates and docs ? Will you embed this drive as the repository for the uArmStudio app to search for the updates when the option is used inside the app ?

Hi @YoHidden

Thanks for your advice, we’ll consider that!