Drawing impossible

uArm Serial No.: C8FD19405647
Firmware Version: 3.1.18
Operation System: MacOS Sierra 10.12.5
uArm Controlling Method: Serial port direct GCode commands

I’m trying to make a simple drawing. There’s no way. Once I have the ballpen mounted and click on start, it asks for the zero point and I move the Z motor so the ballpen tip is touching the paper. Then, when it starts the drawing, the ballpen is pushed down the paper surface so hard that it lifts the uArm body and everything gets screwed…

There’s no way it works. I’ve tried several separations of the ballpen tip from the paper surface when zero point is requested, but no luck…

I don’t know if it is related, but previous to try this drawing I performed the calibration method described in the documentation with the command “M2401 B” and it worked ok… or at least a “ok” was sent by the uArm.

Since I have the uArm, I’ve not tried neither the laser engraving nor the 3D printing… how could I if there’s no way of getting an stable operation of the uArm even with the simplest operations of moving and drawing… This needs to be highly improved cause it is getting deeper and deeper in the very bad feelings side…

Hi @YoHidden

Are you using uArm Studio to draw or direct GCode command to draw?

We’ve reproduced this problem before in uArm Studio, fixed it, and now doing a complete testing.
The next version of Studio will be out next week.

Hi @Cleo, this happened while using uArm Studio.

If I use direct GCode to control the arm position, then I am able to ‘draw’ some lines.