Driving another servo using other grove ports

Is there a way to drive another servo using the other grove ports? It seems none of your gCode in your developer document for grove modules include this.

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Hi, the 4th servo could not be controlled by the Grove port.


I want to verify. The servo supplied uArm is a servo with feedback?

Is these true of the schematic of the grove port? | is the notch on the grove port

|__ |

1 is signal
2 is feedback
3 is 5V
4 is ground

Please check the image.

Thanks! I can drive the servo hand separately from the uArm.

Can you please supply me with a similar picture for the gripper? I think that is also a feedback servo as well but the pin layout is not the same as servo hand.

Hi, please check the image.

I see, thanks!

You are welcome