(Error) Filtered: Mini Fan Pin

Hi Im New,
I just finished programming via Blockly on my Window 7 Computer a progam that involve the UArm swift pro
and a mini fan to fan some plants growing in my office. First one. The software is via a chrome browser and it is up to date. There is some new firmware for the UArm but I have not updated it yet.
I am able to connect and play the program So that is good. My issue is that the Uarm is tethered to the computer
via a USB cable and the computer itself to execute the program.
I want to be able to excute the progam via my iphone or another devise maybe an arduino or a small raspberry pie.
Right now the iphone connect to the Uarm itself which is good but it currently gives : the following commands are filtered: Mini Fan Pin.
Not sure what to do about this or if there is anything that can be done?
So the progam is working via Uarm Studio but via Uarm Play the fan does not work when you execute the blockly program via the Iphone app.
Also i have noticed that in the Iphone app itself you can alter or create a blockly prgam? It shows a Stop MiniFan Pin command but in the UARm Studio Brower does not.
My main goal is to have the uarm execute this program completly as programed with out being attached to my computer.
Any help with the issues I am having would be greatly appreciated.

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio/uArm Play

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We will try to solve this problem in the next version. Thanks