Extruder stoped working

How do I order a replacement Extruder?

I just started my inaugural print with my Swift pro. (3DBenchy)
Unfortunately I didn’t even make it through he first layer. Either the hot and failed for the temperature sensor failed or perhaps the PCB into which the hot end, fan and temperature sensor are connected failed.
Regardless print failed as a result of the extruder not reporting proper temperatures.

the hot end (heater) has a resistance of 4 ohms
The fan has a resistance 462k ohms (but who cares about a fan)
Temperature sensor has the resistance of 104k ohms at 24 Celsius

These measurements were taken at the point at which the wires connect to PCB

I looked on uFactory but could not find a way to order a replacement extruder???

I have the exact same problem for the first start…
When i start Cura and start to (try) to print, the temperature stay at the ambient temperature, the heating head won’t heat…

What can I do ?
Can we buy another extruder ?
Can we do something manually to fix this problem ?