Failed to connect port UArm & Uclient wont open

uArm Serial No.: (uarm0309160130")

Firmware Version:
Operation System: Win(7,8,9,10)/Mac/Linux
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3
uArm Controlling Method: uClient/UCS/Arduino/Python (Please specify the software/library version)

After connecting Uarm and flashing the latest firmware this message appears.

Also uclient will not no open do to “damaged file” even when I allow apps from unidentified sources

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1.For uArm Assistant

Just click OK and you can flash firmware normally.
We’ll remove this pop-up window soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2.For uClient

This is a problem occurred only in Mac Sierra.
Please follow the instruction below to change the security setting (it’s included in the Notice.pdf within the uArm Assistant zip file available on our download page):

If you are using macOS Sierra, you need to input the following command in red in terminal (search “terminal” in spotlight search).
You need to input your Mac password.

sudo spctl --master-disable

Now uclient will open but only to a blank grey screen.

So far creator studio is the only program to run but the arm will not connect, however it will show up in the ports.