Feedback and suggestions for Swift Pro

uArm Serial No.: UARM-0505170201
Firmware Version: 3.1.5
Operation System: Ubuntu 14.04.4

  1. Hardware
  2. The pin that is supposed to hit the switch when opening the fingers is a bit short. This results in an extra internal movement until the nut reaches the end of its path. I used some teflon tape to create a snug fit and keep the pin higher.
  3. I had to open the wrist and rotate a bit the gear in order to center the gripper.
  4. The base gets alarmingly hot, even on standby.
  5. It’s limit switch, not limited switch.
  6. Software
  7. I noticed when closing the gripper that (1) P2232 never transitions to V2, and (2) P2233 transitions to V2, specifically when I place 2 of my fingers between the gripper fingers but remains at V1 when I place 1 or 0 fingers. So perhaps, you have incorrectly documented the commands, and also there is a bug with the gripper status.
  8. Laser Engraving
  9. The beam on the laser starts unfocused and always leaves a gap at the beginning of every path.
  10. Hitting View > Actual Size on uArm Studio results in a scale that is ~46.5% of the real one.
  11. Changing the zero point affects the origin of the x-axis. I did a test run to find the position for my drawing, and on the second run, after adjusting the zero point to allow for the height of my object, the drawing shifted further away from the base.
  12. 3D printing
  13. It desperately needs a leveling process. Without a fixed bed, it’s extremely hard to print any large object. On the other hand, it should be easy to fix this. Just ask the user to move the tip to a few different points, so you can then estimate a surface normal and adjust the gcode accordingly.

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Hi nlamprian,
1.Hardware & 2.Software
The issues you mentioned are the points we want to improve as well. What’s more, sorry for the poor English translation we would put it right.
We would add the procedure of focusing the lens before shipping. And modify both the scale and zero point of uarm studio.
4.3D printing
The current leveling process is manual and difficult. You suggestion is exactly what we want to do next step.

Thanks a lot for your information. We really appreciate it!