Few questions about my new uArm swift pro

I have a uArm swift pro and I have a few questions about it. I have successfully connected the swift pro with uArm studio and I used Blockly to move the arm to try it out. But now I want to use programming language to control it

  1. I tried to connect using pyarm but its not recognizing my uarm swift pro. I even tried to run python list_uarms.py but I always get 0 ports found. How do I connect my uArm Swift pro using pyarm or any other library.
  2. Is there a java library to control uArm?

Hi prvns,

  1. pyuarm is for uArm Metal only.
    Here is the Python Library for uArm Swift Pro:
    GitHub - uArm-Developer/uArm-Python-SDK: New python library for Swift, Swift Pro

  2. Sorry there’s no Java library.
    Here is our GitHub page: UFACTORY · GitHub

Thanks @Cleo

It would be great if someone could specify that pyuarm is only for Metal and not for other models.

Also is there a sample project that uses pyuf for some basic demonstration?