Find a Bug and Win a Coupon!

Hey friends,

We are very glad to tell you that we have designed a brand-new version of official website (not including the blog/forum/store) and launched it recently. Here are some features of the new website:

  • Better design and more user-friendly interface
  • More smooth user experience
  • More details about our products and services
  • Easier to keep updated with our subscription service

You are welcomed to visit the new website, and if you find bugs on it, please share them with us. We will find the problems and try to quickly fix them. To reward your carefulness and preciseness, we have prepared some coupons for every bug finder. Come participate in this activity, and win your coupon!


6/3/2016 – 6/30/2016


You can get a coupon for every verified issue/bug! (not including blog/forum/store)
Buy $99 get $5 off coupon when you expend over $99.
That means if you spend a minimum of $99 on our store, you will get $5 off.

  • The coupon in this activity is for every UFACTORY product and will expire on July 15th.


  1. Comment on this thread, and point out the bugs you find.

  2. To ensure that we fully understand your report, please explain the following in detail:
    What’s the issue about?
    What’s your suggestion to fix it?

  3. The issue must be a qualified vulnerability associated with our site, and you must be the first user who reports it according to posting time.

We promise to investigate and respond to all reports, and thank you for your kindness in helping us improve the user experience of the new website. Those who meet the eligibility requirements as mentioned above will be contacted by us and receive a coupon reward in your message inbox of the forum.

Visit the new website right now, find bugs and win coupons!

UFACTORY Website Team



  • 优化页面设计,提供友好的用户界面
  • 提供更加流畅的用户体验
  • 展示了更多关于产品与服务的介绍
  • 提供更方便的邮件订阅服务,您可以及时获取最新资讯







  1. 回复本帖,指出您发现的bug。
  2. 为了确保我们充分理解您指出的问题,请您详细解释您遇到的问题,以及您建议的解决方式。
  3. 您指出的bug必须是真实存在且对网站运行产生不利影响的错误,并且您必须是第一个指出该问题的用户(以回帖时间为准)。





I think the new site is really awesome and I didn’t find any bug.
Thanks uArm team and I’m expecting the new product.

Thanks for your compliments, and we will keep improving our website’s experience. If you meet any problems when visiting the new site, please let me know. Contact me at, and the website team will help you soon.

not sure if you consider it as a bug, but if you go there

the bottom right button “twitter” doesn’t work, it send you to
instead of


(remove the star, since i’m a new user I can only post 2 links)

and if you go there, on the bottom right, the google button doesn’t work for me,( it redirect me to

Hi, Boblio
Thanks for pointing out the bug and we will fix it right now.
I have sent you a coupon code, please check your inbox of the forum.
If you have any questions or advices when visiting our website, please let me know by sending an email to

Broken link. When you go to the drop down menu of community, the developer link is dead. The redirect tried to take me to but that page doesn’t seem to exist. Suggestion to fix: make the link point to a live page.