Firmware 4.2.1 Laser could not be switched on

uArm Serial No.: 508CB17680FC

Firmware Version: 4.2.1

Operation System: Win10

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio 1.1.19, core-version1.0.1

Laser doesn’t work with new Firmware 4.2.1.
After several tests, I loaded the old Firmware again (3.2.0) and Laser is functional again.

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same for me

Could you try to send Gcode “M2233 V1” to uArm with firmware 4.2.1 by Arduino IDE(or other tools) and see if the laser could be switch on?

re-downloaded 4.2.1 Firmware again: Laser does not switch on with “M2233 V1” . More or less awaited, because I expect the uArmStudio does use the same command. With putty the response on this command says: [Check door] !! (… without given request-Id). That underlines this command is not realy adapted to the uArm.

OK another test:

#9 M2400 S1
$9 ok
G1 X10 Y10 Z10 F1000
#10 M2233 V1
$10 ok
M2233 V0

with the second sequence the Laser has switched ON - yeah! …means in the IDE the initialisation does work only with the old firmware! Seems (M2233 V1) does switch on - not G1! This is not documented (implemented?) in the old firmware - but now necessary - pure speculation…!
By the way: After closing uArmStudio there are still running uArm processes and the opened uARM-COM port is not released. You have to kill the processes manually in front of putty testing,

Yes, the uarmcore is too hard to be killed even the uArm Studio is closed. We will try to solve this issue in next few versions.