[FREE uArm provided] Calling for “uArm Master” Globally!

Now, we are developing a NEW version of uArm.
And YOU are invited to be part of this journey, with REWARD!

Time of event:June 22, 2016 UTC+8 - June 30, 2016 UTC+8

How to participate and get reward?

  1. Enter Here We Start The Journey To Be A "uArm Master"!
  2. Finish Q1-4, leave your contact info., and wait for your coupon, OR
    Apply to be ONE of TEN “uArm Masters”by answering ALL questions and you will have the chance of getting a customized FREE uArm! (All applicants of “uArm Master” will also get coupons for finishing the questionnaire)

What does it mean to be a“uArm Master”?
TEST our latest uArm Metal & SHARE your ideas about it.

Privileges of “uArm Masters”:
• Invited to participate in the R&D of our new product
• Invited to be the first group of testers of our new product
• One-to-one interaction with the uArm Team
• Included in a community with other makers around the world
• A cool badge to confirm you as a uArm Master

Missions of“uArm Masters”:
• Develop your own project with uArm within a month from the arrival of your uArm Metal.
• Share your project with us in the form of code sharing, a blog post or/and a video showing your project! It will be great if you make a tutorial of your project and others can try making it!
• Share your ideas about the uArm Metal with us!

Who can be a “uArm Master”?
If you:
• Have strong interest in the R&D of robotic application
• Have experience in dealing with robots or open source hardware
• Have experience in programming with Python or Arduino
Tell us more about yourself via the questionnaire: Here We Start The Journey To Be A "uArm Master"!

Best regards,
(aka. The uArm Team)

Yay, a really cool idea ! I have sent my questionnaire :smiley:

Hey, Boblio. I have write an Email to you about uServo-uArm. Pls check and I am going to start a topic in our Forum&Start Whatsapp Group. Feel free to join!:grin:

Great :smiley: , I have sent you an email with my personal information.