Gcode over serial


i am having trouble using g code to control the uarm swift pro over serial. following the protocol found in the “uArm gCode Communication Protocol” that i found online here: http://download.ufactory.cc/docs/en/uarm_gcode_communication_protocol_v1.0_en.pdf and using the serial monitor of arduino, i can control simple movements with

#1 G0 X100 Y100 Z100 F1000”
this yields the reply
“$1 ok”
once the robot is done moving

but other g code commands mentioned in the document does not work?!?

for instance:

if i try to use the tone command
#1 M210 F400 T1”
i get
echo:Unknown command: “M210 F400 T1”

if i try to close the gripper with
#1 M232 V1”
i get
echo:Unknown command: "M23 "

and so on… most other commands i can find in the documentation has no effect and all yield the “echo:Unknown command XXX” error

i recently updated the firmware to version 3.1.18

any help is greatly appreciated!


hi @jsr606

You’re using Swift Pro with the protocol of Swift.
Please refer the guide for Swift Pro here:


aha! thanks. now it all makes a lot more sense.