Gripper-Servo - Offset (+ 15 °) is permanent available -> repairable?

uArm Serial No.: UARM-C8FD19405604
Firmware Version: 3.2.0
Operation System: Win 10
uArm Controlling Method: Arduino (Marlin) GCode and control with Java Serial interface

Hello uArm-Team,
we have the gripper in use. When we get the uArm in a straight forward position with gripper in position 90° and we switch on the power supply, then our uArm attatch the motors and move the servo to a position 105°.

While programmiing the uArm, we can add a offset of 15°, when we want to have the uArm in forward position. That works, but the starting situation is not satisfiable (in sum we cannot use the full range (0…180°) auf the gripper. We kann only use 15° … 180° (or 195° :-)).

Can you give us a tipp to “repair” that offset? Is there a way to rearrange the gripper servo do start in 90° position again (i think this is the value, which the uArm get during the starting process).

With best regards


Hi jmhems, thanks for your feedback. We will try to solve this issue in next version of firmware. Thanks.