Grove Electromagnet creates asynchronicity issues


I try to make a pulse using the Grove Electromagnet control and the On/Off frequency I get is totally wrong. It skips and delays, completely asynchronous.
I have made a simple example using the Electromagnet Control and the Beep (see the image).
You can try it even if you do not have the Grove modules.

Regardless the beep example it happens the same with the electromagnet alone.

The first 29 beeps have the Electromagnet control involved and they are messy the second group of 29 beeps without the electromagnet control are periodic.

Could you please help?

uArm Serial No.: D43639DB0D2C
Firmware Version: 3.1.16

Operation System: macOS Sierra 10.12.6

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio/Blockly

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Hi @pkokoras

Please add a “wait” command after “eletro… On√” and “eletro…On[ ]”.
According to your commands. The electromagnet will turn off right after it’s on. So there won’t be any effect.

Hi Cleo,
I have tried various waiting times and I continue having the same problem. Please take a look the video links where I am recording the arduino light and you hear the electromagnet pulling a thin metal bar. I need it for a sound art project so, accuracy is critical.

video 1, high speed
video 2, slower speed


Hi @pkokoras

Thanks for the info. We found that it’s caused by the problem of Studio initialising the Grove modules (each repeat requires another initialisation).

It’s a tricky problem that needs some time to deal with. Hopefully we can fix it by the end of September (along with other known issues that we’re working at).

Sorry for the trouble.