Here are the 10 uArm Masters!

Hey friends,

We’ve received so many wonderful applications since the launch of the “uArm Master” recruitment. And it’s really really a hard decision to pick just 10 out of them.

So first of all, thank you all for filling the questionnaire and for applying! We’re grateful for that. We’ve sent a coupon for EVERYONE! If you didn’t receive a coupon email, please email to (please specify your name, and whether you applied for uArm Master).

Now, here are the 10 uArm Masters and the uArm project they are about to start!
If you want to witness these projects come true, please:

  1. Weijun Zheng:

Make uArm to tidy up my kid’s messy toy room.

  1. Maxime Gardoni:

Let uArm play the “super mario” on a physical piano

  1. Yuting Gao:

Turn uArm into a professional Ping-pong player

  1. Teruaki Tsubokura:

Turn uArm into a feedback system in people’s interactions with virtual reality

  1. Yixiao Pan

Turn uArm into a sushi robot

  1. Andrew Karnes:
  • Turn uArm into automatic “cannon”-reloading system;
  • Let uArm assist small robots in environmental mapping;
  1. Ashley Feniello:
  • Let uArm play GO with you!
  • Control uArm with virtual demonstration
  1. Zhongqiang Mou:

Make a automatic page-turner with uArm

  1. Cody Fong:

Put uArm on a linear rail system and make it a voice-controlled desktop assistant

  1. Zhe Chen:

Let uArm do object-sorting with computer vision

No matter whether you’re a uArm Master or not, if you have any troubles while using your uArm, please go to to submit your question.

Enjoy making!

The uArm Team