High resistance movement


I am building a system that will move radioactive samples in and out of detectors in a lab. I have got everything else working however I haven’t solved the issue of opening and closing the detector lids. They are heavy lead slabs with a handle on the opposite end of the pivot. They move in a horizontal sliding motion around the pivot. I have figured out how to get the arc movement correct, however, there is a requirement that the movement is very sensitive so that if a finger were in the way it would stop.

Question (TLDR):

  • I need to move a heavy object (in a horizontal arc, i.e. gravity isn’t the issue)
  • I need it to be sensitive so that any extra resistance on the object will stop the movement.
  • The 0,1,2,3,4,5 options for sensitivity are not granular enough.
    How do I get the arm to do this heavy movement while being sensitive to additional resistance?

I thought that I could refine the TCP payload to be the exact weight, however, I believe this is only accounted for for movements against gravity. Any other ideas?

Hi Sir,

What is the weight of the heavy object?
You can consider adding a 6-Axis force Torque Sensor, it can simultaneously measure the force and torque in three-dimensional space(Fx,Fy,Fz,Tx,Ty,Tz).

You can download the user manual of our FT sensor and check it.
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