Holder-Servo is not locked, when trying to draw

uArm Serial No.: "UARM-050517038A

Firmware Version: 3.1.9

Operation System: Mac

uArm Controlling Method:

When using Universal holder, the servo that holds the holder is not locked in.
So when trying to use the Draw function, the pen is going sideways, and making a mess
on the paper. The connector is of course plugged in…

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Hi, very sorry for the trouble you are facing. The arduino mega 2560 deals with all the motor controlling and communication so when control the servo it will be a little shaky. That’s the reason why we don’t lock it. What’s more, the servo has the backlash as well, so the best way to fix the holder might be tape. Sorry again for the inconvenient.

I used one of the Grove mounting screws and put it in the hole at the back of the holder mounting plate and snugged it in a little against the servo mount. Works fine.

Good idea, thanks for your sharing :slight_smile: