How accurate is Uarm

Hi guys,

I am new to Robot and all this stuff, but I have a question regarding the accuracy of the uarm’s learning mode. I need this robot to do automatic tasks for me on my 4 smartphones when I am not around, and it is very important for the robot to tap on the right spots on the smartphone’s screen. Otherwise, It would mess up the whole tapping process. I also see that the robot can only record and repeat recorded movements for 17 seconds. Is there anyway that I can extend the recording time. What is the difference between recording movements and programming movements. Does programming help the robot to work longer as we desire unlike 17s recording. Thank you.

Hi, the recording time in the latest version of uArm can be 5-6 mins one time. And the difference is that with the programming movements you have to type the code yourself and not everyone can do that, while the recording movements can allow the people to program the position just by pulling and dragging the arm but has the time limitation. BTW what we would like to know is the precision you need?

My requirement is to pick a credit/debit card, swipe it and then enter the pin. Can this uArm fulfill my requirement?