How to Compile Arduino Code to flash uArm with costum firmware


I have also posted this question in the Facebook Forum, but the answers were not 100% reliable. I have my uarm now calibrated and almost everything works, I do not want to thorugh everything away flashing it incorrectly

The Background:
I want to eliminate the beep sound that the uarm makes when it connects to the PC. I found the piece of code which makes this beep. I wanted to deleted and compile the new firmware and upload it to the uarm.

But before flashing the uarm I wanted to check that the compiled hex is right
The first proposal was
To compile, open Marlin.ino using Arduino IDE, and compile.
I have check the hex file generated and its a little bit smaller as the official hex (copiling 1:1 the forked version of

I did not upload the hex

Then I read about PlatformIO and I build the hex file again (making a little bit reasearch) with Atom and PlatformIO pluggin. Here I get a similar hex size.

Does somebody know how to compile the code correctly?

I will really appreciate some collaboration of uarm developers. It would be great to have some build guidelines

Hi jfdzar, you can test your hex files with no risk since the calibration code is stored in the internal EEPROM of MCU which means no matter how often you flash the code, the data won’t be wipe out enless you write the EEPROM in your own code. And we offer the offline flash tool as well which helps you to go back to the official firmware. BTW, I think the developer guide would help you a lot as well. Thanks