How to connect swift Pro by pyuarm?

uArm Serial No.: UARM050517004F
Firmware Version: 3.1.9

Operation System: Win(7,8,9,10)

uArm Controlling Method: Python (pyuarm)

I tried the sample like this:

from import uarm_ports

but only and always get this:


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pyuarm is for uArm Metal only.

Here is the Python library for Swift Pro:

I’ve been hacking on this a bit. There’s no reason why the basic pyuarm code can’t be used for the Swift or SwiftPro as well as uArm Metal.
In my experience so far, the code can be mostly made to work via conditional import of .
Check out GitHub - jetdillo/pyuarm: uArm python library
to see how I’ve been tackling the problem. It works for me, but as always, I’d appreciate others checking it out, trying it, sending me bug reports, PRs, etc.
It would be good have a single library that works with different versions/generations of uArm.

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Many thanks! Cleo.

I’v been let the little thing move under python :).

Thanks again!

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I am trying to use jetdillo pyuarm.
When connecting, got this:

student@ubuntu:~/uArmStudio$ rosrun uarm connect

Connecting …

USB VID:PID=2341:0042 LOCATION=3-3.1
pyuarm - INFO - pyuarm version:
pyuarm - INFO - swift
pyuarm - INFO - Detected uArm model swift
pyuarm - INFO - Connecting from port - /dev/ttyACM0…
pyuarm - INFO - Connected…

But then the screen wouldn’t interact anymore.
I am using python 2.7 - maybe that is the reason?
Any other idea?

Hi @drorerezprivate

pyuarm is for uArm Metal only.
Please use this Python Library for uArm Swift Pro: